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Hair loss is a common problem among men. According to the NHS, There are about 6.5 million male hair loss sufferers in the UK . 42% of men between 18 and 49 have moderate to extensive hair loss, according to one study (Dermatologic Surgery, 1998)

There are different causes of hair loss and thinning in men, some of which are inherited (such as receding hairlines and bald patches), others (such as food, medical problems, drugs, stress, and so on), and others which are a combination of these factors.

The following is a rundown of the five factors that often contribute to male hair loss.

Diet & Nutrition

While a man’s diet does not often play as much of a part in male hair loss as in female hair loss, nutritional inadequacies may contribute to unintentional thinning and shedding hair. This is especially the case when males do not consume adequate vitamins and minerals recommended by the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA).

Iron, zinc, vitamin B, and protein are essential for healthy hair development. These nutrients may be obtained in their natural forms in various animal products.


Not only may intense mental or physical stress influence mental health, but it can also impact physical health. This can be the case regardless of the source of the stress, whether it’s a job, the pandemic, or fast weight loss. Regardless of what causes it, stress may cause hair to shed or make it fall out more quickly. People lose around 100 to 150 strands of hair every day on average.

Make an appointment with your primary care provider if you are feeling high-stress levels in addition to excessive loss of more than 150 strands of hair daily.

Baldness that runs in the family

This particular form of hair loss, the most frequent cause of hair loss anywhere in the globe, may affect either men or women. The condition is referred to as male pattern hair loss in males. Hair loss in men often follows a female pattern. Androgenic alopecia is the name given to this condition by the medical community, regardless of whether it occurs in males or women.

Regardless of the word you choose, it indicates that you have inherited genes that cause your hair follicles (what each hair comes out of) to diminish and, ultimately, cease developing hair. This may happen at any age. Although it may start as early as teens, shrinking often doesn’t become noticeable until much later in life.


As people become older, they will almost certainly experience hair loss and a general thinning of their hair. At any age, our cells go through a cycle of growth and death, but as we get older, the rate at which our cells pass away outpaces the rate at which they can regenerate. Because of this, our bones become more fragile, and our skin becomes more delicate. And the same goes for the procedure that happens to our hair.

In addition, as we get older, the oil production in our scalp decreases, which may cause our hair to become dry and brittle. This may also lead to a general loss of hair and thinning of the hair overall.

A disorder known as androgenetic alopecia sometimes called pattern hair loss, may cause some individuals to suffer more severe hair loss as they age. Below, you’ll find more discussion on the topic.

Autoimmune disease

The autoimmune condition known as alopecia areata is a kind of hair loss. Healthy hair is attacked by the body’s immune system, which results in the hair falling out.

When you go to have your hair done, the person doing your hair may notice a bald spot on your head that is round in shape. Or, you could see a gap between your eyebrows or a collection of sparse eyelashes on your eyelids. If you are a male, you may have noticed a patch of your beard that is not full of hair. These circumstances are typical in alopecia areata. Researchers often make the connection to times of severe stress.


Infections may damage the scalp and cause hair loss. It can also impact the body as a whole. This occurs when bacteria, yeast, or fungus infiltrate hair follicles and cause an overgrowth of their population. You can also have redness, scaling, and pus pimples. Sometimes the scalp can feel itchy, and sometimes it will even hurt. You should make an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible if you have any of these symptoms.

Fungal infections of the scalp are one of the most prevalent causes of hair loss in children. These infections are very infectious. Sharing hats and scarves is one of the most common ways for youngsters to get the illness.

Most cases of scalp infection may be treated successfully with the appropriate antibiotic or antifungal treatment. In the absence of therapy, these infections might result in irreversible scarring.

The use of radiation and chemotherapy

Many patients diagnosed with cancer and need to undergo chemotherapy or radiation are understandably concerned about experiencing hair fall as a side effect of their treatment. Cancers are caused when cells develop at an abnormally rapid rate.

Drugs used in chemotherapy are often used to eradicate these cells to prevent tumours’ formation and the disease’s spread. Chemotherapy can cause hair to fall out since the cells in your hair follicles also divide and multiply very fast.

Radiation therapy, frequently used in cancer treatment, may also cause a person to lose their hair. However, chemotherapy may cause hair loss all over the body, while radiation treatment typically affects the region being treated.


Men’s wigs for baldness, also known as hair systems, can help disguise hair loss and, when properly matched to your natural hair colour, can add real volume and thickness to areas of your scalp that have thinning hair. This is contrary to the common belief that men’s hair systems for baldness are only for cosmetic purposes.

If you’ve noticed that you’ve begun to lose your hair, you should consider hair replacement solutions from a reputable business like Tru hair.

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