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We have sourced the best products on the market we can find.

Non-surgical hair replacement system is a way of getting a full head of hair back with out having to go under the knife. The treatment is pain free and has long lasting results. A hair system which matches your hair colour is bonded into your scalp with either tape or glue. The system then blends into your natural hair giving you a full head of hair. You can have whatever hair style you wish long, short, curly, straight.

Here at Tru Hair we provide you with a ready to use system. This means when you receive your system (as long as you have the correct products to apply it) all available at Tru Hair, you’re ready to go ahead and apply your system. Once applied you will need to trim round the excess system which overlaps your hair. Some people find it easer to make a template of there hair then cut the system to size. 

Here at Tru Hair our aim is to provide you with the best quality products at the most affordable prices. Our online ordering is safe and secure with fast shipping.

When you have a hair system you can carry on with your life just as you always have. You can swim, go to the gym, steam room, and all your everyday sports. You can do just about anything you like just have to be mindful of the glue getting hot. Regular maintenance is advised to suite your lifestyle.

Hair systems are bonded to your scalp with glue or tape, or both depending on the individual.

Our adhesive is 100% waterproof. It will last 2-4 weeks depending on the persons life style.

If glue isn’t for you then tape is your other option.  The double-sided tape is specially designed to be very strong. They are either pre cut or on a roll to cut to your size. It’s a no mess product.  Both are removed in the same way.

They both work just as good as each other, it all depends on what the client choices and what works best for their lifestyle. Tapes are very easy to perform with no mess. Pre-cut strips of double-sided tape are applied to your scalp then the hair system is applied onto that pressed down firmly.

Adhesives (glue) Applied to the head as a white adhesive, once this is set it will turn clear making an invisible bond, glue is a great attachment but always be aware of residue seeping. Two even layers recommended.

A maintenance is where you will remove the system clean your scalp getting rid of the excess glue or tape left on your head. Clean your system removing any excess glue or tape. Remembering to be very gentle when cleaning your system. Once both scalp and system are clean, shave any hair which has re grown and your ready to re apply your system. This should be carried out every 2-4 weeks depending on the individual.

Hair systems come on various bases with various hair.

Lace base hair systems are most suited for those who live an active lifestyle or someone who may live in warmer countries. The system is lightweight and due tho the material they are made with it is breathable so the glue under nether doesn’t get too hot. It is also one of the most natural and undecided hair system. However, these systems may not last you as long as other base systems so may need replacing sooner.

Skin base hair systems are suitable for those who want the most natural hair system. Why because they are made very thin base, so it is hardly visible. Although they are durable you must be mindful with such a thin base when applying, brushing, or taking the system off to handle it with care. With a skin base system, the hair appears fuller and natural looking like the hair is coming straight out of your scalp. These systems tend to last a little longer their lace base systems

Tru Hair system has a lace front this provides a seamless natural look. The lace front allows the system to breath. The rest of the base is skin.  It also allows the system to have a medium density thickness.

A wig you can take off. A hair system is bonded to your scalp to the size of the areas where you are losing your hair. It is glued or tapped on till so doesn’t come off for several weeks.

Yes, you can cut hair systems to how long or short you wish. Just remember a hair system wont re grow.

The answer to this is yes if the glue is starting to break down due to sweating, getting to hot then the hair system can move slightly. This means you need to take the system off (with the correct products) and give yourself and your hair system a clean.

Depending on if you follow the correct after care and look after your hair system it can last any from 4-12 months. Don’t forget some systems with different knots will last you less.

A hair transplant involves surgery this is a long process taking 6-9 months for clients to see results some even 12 months.

A hair system is nonsurgical, you have it fitted that day and you can walk out the door with a full head of hair. In some cases, a hair transplant doesn’t work.

You can style a hair system just about how you wish. Combed forward, back, quaff, perm it even colour it. Hair systems are so versatile it untrue. Just keep in mind the knot of the hair system when styling, as some loose hair more then others. That being said this is why they are one of the best results for hair loss.

Ways to get the best out of your system are to. Be gentle when brushing the hair system or itching your head. Use a leave in proteins spray and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner.  Try and not expose it to extreme sun as this will cause the system to fade. Regular maintenance to keep both your scalp and base of the system clean.