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If you are going to wear these hair systems then there must not be any compromises. Our wide variety will surely help you find the men’s hair systems of your choice.

Skin System
Lace System
Afro System
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Men's Hair Systems

We understand the devastation and frustration resulting from hair loss. Losing hair is essentially losing a bit of your personality. Worry no more if you are losing hair.

The fastest growing Hair Systems provider in the UK 🇬🇧

Combat hair loss with a solution that looks real, feels good and gives an instant result.


Request a consultation

Let’s start with a call, either book a time or request a call back. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and discuss your requirements and answer any questions.


Book a System Fitting

When you are ready to go ahead then we will either arrange for you to come into our salon for a patch test or we can also send out a kit to you in the post. If everything is fine we can book you in for a fitting.


Get your New Look!

Arrive for your appointment and choose from a range of colours, customisations and options and have your system fitted from our trained stylists. Basic systems will cost £365 including cutting/fitting.


We empathise with the emotional impact of hair loss, recognising it as a distressing experience that can deeply affect one’s confidence. If you’re struggling with hair loss, rest assured that you’re not alone, and solutions are available to help restore your confidence. Let us assist you in finding the right path forward. Tru Hair’s non-surgical hair replacement systems offer natural-looking results without invasive procedures.

Package Deals

At Tru Hair, we’re excited to offer package deals that cater to your needs. Choose your ideal hair system from a range of options available on our website and enjoy the most affordable prices. Whether you’re seeking a natural-looking solution for hair loss or want to enhance your style, our packages ensure you get the perfect fit without breaking the bank. Discover the possibilities with Tru Hair and step into confidence with ease.
Mens Hair Systems

Bringing Back the Lost Confidence

Hair loss is more common than many think. Hiding hair loss is quite easy, considering all the options you have. Surely, there are some treatments for hair loss, but none are as effective as our men’s non-surgical hair replacement systems. The key issue with hair loss is baldness’s impact on your personality. We understand losing hair often results in low confidence. Worry no more if you are losing hair or are always low on confidence because of your baldness. We at Tru Hair work effortlessly to help you improve your personality. Our men’s hair systems offer not only style but also longevity. It does not matter when and why your baldness started. We provide solutions to turn the situation around so you can confidently enjoy your life with our mens hair systems.

Effective solution to the baldness problem

Tru Hair offers a wide range of hair replacement systems you can always rely on. Sometimes, men lose hair at a considerably young age. The result is low esteem and confidence. We aim to boost your confidence by offering a hair system that complements your personality and looks. Our men’s hair replacement systems will always cover the problem: alopecia or heredity baldness. At Tru Hair, you get the confidence of knowing that your hair systems are all-natural. Stop being low on confidence all the time just because you do not think you look how you should.

Get your customised systems

If you do not find the hair of your dreams in our inventory, then you should not worry. Our services and products are limited to our imaginations only. We always appreciate the imagination of those putting their hair on their heads. After all, it’s you who is facing this issue. That is why we offer custom hair systems for men. You can always order customised hair systems from Tru Hair precisely per your instructions. From the hairstyle to hair density, you can choose everything regarding the new hair you will be wearing. This all-natural hair system will always look perfectly natural once you wear it.

“Live your life the way you always wanted”

Testimonials From Some of
Our Satisfied Customers

Brian Steven

Verified Customer

Very simply went on the website

Very simply went on the website, picked my hair system, and came 2 days later. No other place like it

Joseph Donald

Verified Customer

The only company in the UK

The only company in the UK that manufacture its own systems. Amazing bunch of people. Thanks, Shelbie you made me feel very welcome

Imniati s

Verified Customer

Wearing systems for about 10 years

I’ve been wearing systems for about 10 years now. Tru hair has the best systems at the most affordable prices


Verified Customer

As always, fantastic service from Shelbie

As always, fantastic service from Shelbie. Always so professional and never left with a system or refit that I haven’t loved. A breath of fresh air!!

Abraham Bryan

Verified Customer

I had a system fitted 6 weeks ago and it’s changed my life!

I had a system fitted 6 weeks ago and it’s changed my life! Sounds dramatic, but I genuinely mean it. I’m so much more confident and happy in myself now.

Versatility with Reliability

We aim to achieve the utmost satisfaction for all our clients, which is why we believe in providing long-term service. We ensure everything for you, from online assistance regarding our products to their dependable progress. You do not have to be overly cautious once you put these hair systems on your head. You can still go rollercoaster rides wearing our hair systems, and believe us when we claim that they will not fly off. From wet and wavy to straight and long, here is your chance to comb your hair how you want. Your hair will always look natural with varieties available in low to high-density hair systems. Your secrets will only reveal at your will.

Our Knowledge Makes Us Perfect for the Job

We do not just create men's hair replacement systems for you. Rather, we engineer hair replacement systems that suit your head and personality perfectly. Our outstanding knowledge and state-of-the-art resources always result in high-luxury, long-lasting, non-surgical hair replacement systems. Our hand-made men's hair replacement systems always look perfect on your head, giving an impression of originality. Hair systems often fail to do the job when done poorly. Our experience enables us to offer perfect men's non-surgical hair replacement systems in every aspect. Everything is perfect, from their looks to their tendency to stay on your head. With our hair replacement systems, you can completely change your outlook and level of confidence in minutes rather than days and hours.

Rethinking Hair Loss.

By focusing on style and practicality, you never have to worry about the state of your hair loss again.

Medication With Side Effects

Certain medication can also affect your testosterone causing sexual dysfunction

Risky Surgery

Hair Transplants cost thousands with no guarantee of results

Hiding Under Hats

Covering the problem is not going to do anything to boost your confidence

Loose Hair Fibres

Applying hair fibres worrying if it’ll rub off

Our Stock Inventory

For general clients, we maintain our library with many hair systems for men. Above all, you will always find a hairstyle in our stock inventory that suits your head and personality. Tru Hair believes in true service only, resulting in excellent performance by each of our hair systems. Once you put our natural-looking hair systems for men on your head, you will surely regain the confidence that hair loss took away from you. Moreover, the ultra-thin bases make our hair systems more adequate for regular use. Our hair systems also come with variable hair density, offering extra freedom when choosing a hair system for your head. If you are going to wear these hair systems, then there must not be any compromises. Our wide variety will help you find your chosen men’s hair systems.

Tru hair

At Tru Hair, we offer hair replacement systems for men and provide formulations and accessories designed to enhance care and longevity.

Quit covering your
baldness with a hat, We Save Heads

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nonsurgical hair replacement is a way of getting a full head of hair back with out having to go under the knife. The treatment is pain free and has long lasting results. A hair system which matches your hair colour is bonded into your scalp with either tape or glue. The system then blends into your natural hair giving you a full head of hair. You can have whatever hair style you wish long, short, curly, straight.

Here at Tru Hair we provide you with a ready to use system. This means when you receive your system (as long as you have the correct products to apply it) all available at Tru Hair, you’re ready to go ahead and apply your system. Once applied you will need to trim round the excess system which overlaps your hair. Some people find it easer to make a template of there hair then cut the system to size. 

Here at Tru Hair our aim is to provide you with the best quality products at the most affordable prices. Our online ordering is safe and secure with fast shipping.

When you have a hair system you can carry on with your life just as you always have. You can swim, go to the gym, steam room, and all your everyday sports. You can do just about anything you like just have to be mindful of the glue getting hot. Regular maintenance is advised to suite your lifestyle.

Hair systems are bonded to your scalp with glue or tape, or both depending on the individual.

Our adhesive is 100% waterproof. It will last 2-4 weeks depending on the persons life style.

If glue isn’t for you then tape is your other option.  The double-sided tape is specially designed to be very strong. They are either pre cut or on a roll to cut to your size. It’s a no mess product.  Both are removed in the same way.

They both work just as good as each other, it all depends on what the client choices and what works best for their lifestyle. Tapes are very easy to perform with no mess. Pre-cut strips of double-sided tape are applied to your scalp then the hair system is applied onto that pressed down firmly.

Adhesives (glue) Applied to the head as a white adhesive, once this is set it will turn clear making an invisible bond, glue is a great attachment but always be aware of residue seeping. Two even layers recommended.

A maintenance is where you will remove the system clean your scalp getting rid of the excess glue or tape left on your head. Clean your system removing any excess glue or tape. Remembering to be very gentle when cleaning your system. Once both scalp and system are clean, shave any hair which has re grown and your ready to re apply your system. This should be carried out every 2-4 weeks depending on the individual.

Hair systems come on various bases with various hair.

Lace base hair systems are most suited for those who live an active lifestyle or someone who may live in warmer countries. The system is lightweight and due tho the material they are made with it is breathable so the glue under nether doesn’t get too hot. It is also one of the most natural and undecided hair system. However, these systems may not last you as long as other base systems so may need replacing sooner.

Skin base hair systems are suitable for those who want the most natural hair system. Why because they are made very thin base, so it is hardly visible. Although they are durable you must be mindful with such a thin base when applying, brushing, or taking the system off to handle it with care. With a skin base system, the hair appears fuller and natural looking like the hair is coming straight out of your scalp. These systems tend to last a little longer their lace base systems

Tru Hair system has a lace front this provides a seamless natural look. The lace front allows the system to breath. The rest of the base is skin.  It also allows the system to have a medium density thickness.


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This is the most caring and helpful company in the industry!

Full Skin Hair System

A transparent ultra-realistic hair system with V-looped hair all over the skin. When worn, the base is totally invisible. This is called a throw away system as the life span is 1-2 months.



Absolutely love the place. Amazing service! Would highly recommend to anyone!

Full French Lace System

Our full French lace hair system offers you an undetectable look. Airy and lightweight, Bleached knots enhance its realism.



I went for a full skin injected system; for me it’s the best! Shelby is the best hairdresser.

Tru Shampoo 250ml

Indulge in the ultimate in natural, vegan hair care with our sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.



Finally, no more worries about my personal grooming.

Tru Conditioner 250ml

Indulge in the ultimate in natural, vegan hair care with our sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.